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The JROTC Seminole Battalion likes to say that we are more than just a class, we are a family. The JROTC mission statement is to motivate young people to become better citizens. In order to accomplish this, the instructors give students the opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills inside the classroom and outside the classroom. We offer after school activities such as Raiders, which involves physical activities, Drill, which involves synchronized marching and exhibition, and we also have Rifle, which test precision and accuracy with air rifles. Throughout the school year, we have fundraisers and encourage all cadets to participate. We also accept sponsors and donations. If you have any questions or concerns you can use the contact information at the bottom and top of the page to contact us.

Cadet of the Quarter

Let 1

Drawdy, L

Let 2

Chavez, D

Let 3

Guffey, M

Let 4

Cole, R

AI ISG Martinez

LET 2 Class

SAI LTC John Hetherington.

LET 3 and 4 Class

AI 1SG Quenton Harris.

LET 1 Class

Southeast HS JROTC Seminole Battalion

941.741.336 Ext. 2079