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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Army JROTC?

Army JROTC is an elective high school course that teaches students citizenship, leadership and physical fitness. The program is based on a military model but there is no obligation to any branch of the military. JROTC focuses on leader development by empowering students to be active participants in the planning, coordination and direction of events.

Two years of JROTC fulfills the HOPE (PE) credit requirement.

What is a LET?

LET stand for Leadership Education Training. JROTC is composed of 4 LET levels, these are different than grade level. A cadet's LET level is determined by the number of years he/she has been the program.

LET 1 - 1st Year cadet

LET 2 - 2nd Year cadet

LET 3 - 3rd Year cadet

LET 4 - 4th Year cadet

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, uniform wear is a big part of JROTC. Cadets are issued two uniforms and will wear each one every Monday for a grade. *Punishments will get greater with every week of not doing so. *

Do I have to pay for the uniforms?

No, there is no cost for the uniforms. However, if the uniforms are lost or damaged (through neglect) there could be a charge. *If you lose or damage the uniform you will be responsible for that specific piece of clothing. *

Is joining the military a requirement to be in JROTC?

No, there is absolutely no obligation to join any branch of military service, but it might be encouraged. And if one does join the military then JROTC will give them a head start on things.

What are after school teams?

After school teams are group activities that tend to take place after school. There are 3 after school teams total, Regulation Drill Team/Color Guard, Raiders, and Rifle Team.

After school teams are entirely optional, these teams are to benefit you and your experience the JROTC program.

After school teams do not cost any money, but Raiders do recommend a good pair of running shoes. 

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